• Identifying and Recruiting Members

    By finding ways for members to take on important responsibilities, we build our capacity to make change.

  • New Members

    During the first few days and months after a member starts their new job, we can reach out and build a strong relationship.

  • Training and Support

    Engaging members is just the first step. A deliberate approach to training and supporting their long-term involvement is key.

  • Stewards

    Strong unions have strong steward structures. Stewards’ most important role is to build an active, united membership at the workplace.

Get the Materials You Need

Have some great ideas for how to engage UFCW members but need some materials to help kick things off? Search our archive for great resources like store visit logs for shop stewards, tips on lobbying elected officials,

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Member Engagement

Learn more about membership engagement:

Member activists can be engaged on a number of workplace issues, including:

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Receive Weekly Updates

Want a heads up when new materials are added to the website and receive other important news that’s happening at local unions around the country? Join the UFCW Member Activist Trainer email group.

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Local Union Stories: Member Engagement

  • One Union, Many Talents

    One of the strengths of being in a union is that we can draw on each other’s many talents and skills. Take the time to get to know the passions and...

    1 December 2014
  • Creative Action Gets the Goods

    By thinking outside the box, we can often come up with creative solutions to problems that arise in the workplace. Grievances are important, but they alone aren’t visible to most workers...

    1 December 2014
  • Relying on the Strength of the Steward Network

    With all the demands on our time, sometimes it’s easy to feel stretched thin and overwhelmed by the amount of work piling up. In these moments, it’s important to remember...

    1 December 2014
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Videos can be a great way to engage member activists and help show the scope of the work UFCW members do.

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UFCW Member Activist Toolkit

This Toolkit provides ideas for engaging UFCW members in meaningful ways at their worksites, in their communities and within their union. It is meant to help UFCW local staff help members experience a sense of ownership in their union and understand the importance of getting involved.

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